Education & Training

Education & Training

Design Benefits

It enables you to see the movements of the blade with the help of its sensitive trigger mechanism.

In small bones, it helps to perform the operations with micro blades in a controlled manner.

Protected against high pressure water
stream from any angle.

According to international standard IEC 60529, ACF Sign Power Tools Modular System has the water protection raitng of IPX 6.

Sign System is suitable for use in washer. They are designed with advanced materials and sealing technologies are tested to ensure the prevention of ingress of fluids during using and cleaning.

Castermid material used on its outer surface suply maximum lithium ion battery safety.

Easy to use power console. You just need to turn it on.

Sign handpieces are smaller and lighter than ever before.

The power tools are working 20 minutes in excessive force with full-charge and charged within short time.