General Manager

Sıtkı is my best friend. He worked a lot to create me. I would never have been born, If he hadn’t dreamed of me. Before I became able to speak, we had a heart-to-heart talk for a long time without a single word.


Executive Coordinator

Thanks to Gonca, now I can speak and talk to you. Her effort is enormous on my growth. I am reborned from my ashes. 


Electronic Product Development Responsible

In order to help patients with indications, Ahmet gives life to my surgical power tool friends with the power of electricity.


Production & Technical Service Operator

Osman is the person who uses CNC machine that shapes me. All my friends are manufactured by his hand. He is managing the production processes.

Cihangir AKTAŞ

Customer Relations Manager

Let’s talk about my funniest friend. Cihangir is my fellow traveller. We travel everywhere together. When I am bored, he takes me out to all my foreign friends.


Administration and Secretaria Assistant

Funda is communicating with our customer for their procurements and also she is helping customers if one of my power tool friends needs to be repaired.

Kubilay TUNA

Production Assistant

After borning, Kubilay is preparing me to be ready for using. He washes and packages me before I go out from the factory. He is my Inspector Gadget. You can’t believe what he can do.