Think a device that respecting to user’s conditions.

Surgical Power Tool System Drill

Single Sensitive Trigger

The trigger is divided into 1500 steps with 4 mm of sensor distances.

The system accelerates from 0 rpm, increasing by 10 revolutions every 2.6 micrometers. The sensitive trigger ensures that the doctor has control throughout the operation, even the minimum oscillation created by the blade is noticed, and the entire movement of the blade can be seen accurately. This feature allows the physician to operate in areas close to soft tissue and small bones as easily as in large bones during the procedure.

Most sensitive trigger ever.

Maximum water protection against high pressure water stream.

When the devices are subjected to intensive cleaning after the operation, the sealing feature protects the devices from damage. IPX 6 water protection feature in our Sign system is provided by using quality sealing elements. Thanks to this feature, the power tool handpieces can be safely washed in the automatic machine.

According to IEC 60529, ACF Sign Power Tools Modular System has the water protection raiting of IPX 6.

Surgical Power Tool System
Surgical Drill

Aerospace – grade

aluminum body

As strong as an ox.

Aluminum has high corrosion resistance and maintains strength in body, making it more resistant to heat and chemicals than other alloys. 

Aluminum alloys are advanced materials because of their low density, high specific modulus, and excellent fatigue and cryogenic toughness properties

New Fresh Finish.

First day look in every surgery

Orthopedic Saw

Smaller and lighter than ever before.

Ergonomic and Balanced

All parts are designed and placed for a comfortable use.

New comfort zone is your hand now

A device is considered ergonomic if it can be operated reliably with one hand. How the battery, motor and gearbox will be positioned is very important. Gearbox and battery balance each other, making it possible to hold the device with one hand. For devices with a grip, the ideal diameter at the grip is 50 mm. The handle should extend across the full width of the palm, as a handle that is too short will cause unnecessary compression in the middle of the palm. Our handpieces are designed based on these features.

Handpieces can stand upright; and this enables attachments to be inserted more easily, to reduce contact with other hand tools and to be grasped quickly.

Surgical Power Tool System
Surgical Power Tool System

High Technology

driver and engine

Less energy, less heat.

Our electronic drivers have never been more resistant to high sterilization & cleaning conditions.

Components in accordance with automotive standards are selected for the production of our electronic drivers. All components have high operating temperatures.

Turbo Lithium-ion Power


Quick Charge

You can charge your battery any time.

Lithium-ion batteries charge faster than conventional battery technology, last longer, and have a higher power density for longer life in a lighter design.

Ready to Use in Emergency

After sterilization, the operation team
can use the devices without waiting for the device to be cooled.

All parts are made of high heat resistant. 

One Hand Control

Operation is easily performed with just one hand.

When surgeon needs to change the direction, left-right key is just next to his finger.

Surgical Saw
Surgical Power Tool System Drill

Cable Option

For those who can’t give up their habits.

Plug and Run

Easy to use power console.
You just need to turn it on.

No additional cost
in first year

API covers non-warranty situations

When purchasing a surgical power tool system which has long life cycle, technical service availability and costs are frequently considered issue. As soon as you invest in ACF Surgical Power Tool System, you will win. 

API system is implemented for the first time in the world. 

Technical Service



All system equipment received by our company, are repaired and shipped to you within 48 hours at the latest after your approval.

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