Our company’s priority is to make all employees live valuable as all parts of a machine, compatible like all parts, connected together.


General Manager

Something to Tell

When I first saw the red truck coming to our village once a year, whole world fell silent and the engine of the truck started to speak. I woke up when the engine stopped. I found a way out to get under the truck. I looked over the angled, round engine parts. As I looked over, I admired the world I was in. I went home and took my father’s pocket knife and started to carve the truck I drew into my mind with the first wet oak I found.


My admiration to science, engineering, machinery, engine sound, which I didn’t know at that time, my story started in Erzurum, TURKEY.


Besides the design engineering of the machine, I always liked being the worker of the machine. I chose the mechanical parts in production. Because life on the machine begins after the production is completed.


I gained 36 years of experience in metalworking and design in various fields in order to start the production of the machines I want. In 2009, I founded my company ACF, which will take me to my dream machine production.


As I wanted this company to be last for a long time after me like a machine, our company was named as “ACF”.  “A” letter signifies my family’s name “AKTAŞ”, “C” letter signifies my first son “Cihangir” and “F” letter signifies my other son “Furkan”.


The production was started with Surgical Saw Blades. I was the only staff in production and sales departments.


I decided to provide a technical service voluntarily for the surgical power tools of all brands in Turkey. Just like looking over the bottom of that truck, I watched the mechanisms, examined and made comments about them. Giving a life to the machines again, hearing them call out to me gave me a serious motivation to produce my own machines. In 2012, life started in my company with the first cabled surgical power tool system I produced.


The name of my company slowly starts to be heard in Turkey, the company began to grow. After Gonca ÜNLÜ AKTAŞ joining to the company and my life too, my company became our company. In order to keep the machines alive for many years, I gave my all administrative powers to Gonca to create our collaborations and make them sustainable for many years.


In this large family, we have family members with different family names. In our family, all men and women work in a harmony like parts of a machine. When one of them stops, the priority of others is to bring that stopped part back to life.


Whenever they get desperate, I remind them: Which part is most important  in a machine? Answer: All. Our company’s priority is to make all employees live valuable as all parts of a machine, compatible like all parts, connected together.


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