Why is the raw material of the surgical power tools handpiece body important?

Today, the raw materials for surgical power tools handpiece body are aluminum or hard plastic. In some product designs, only certain parts are made of hard plastic. Manufacturers make a choice according to their advantages.

Evaluation of Surgical Power Tools Lifetime

Since surgical power tool systems are a living product type that needs maintenance, the type of raw material used in the body of the surgical power tools is very important. Every time these devices are subjected to technical service for repair during their lifetime, the threads or grooves in the parts that are connected to each other wear out.

Aluminum raw material is more durable in such disassembly-assembly processes than hard plastic. The threads / grooves of the part removed by the plastic injection process may become unusable after 2-3 technical service operations. This requires part replacement. Part replacement causes the cost of technical service to increase.

Parts produced with the correct aluminum raw material can be exposed to technical service operations for many years. Using a part for a long time helps the user to reduce the operating cost.

Evaluation in terms of Surgical Power Tools Endurance

Aluminum is a more durable material than hard plastic. For users, there is always a high probability that the product will be dropped or hit somewhere. For this reason, plastic parts that can be broken by impact can lead to extra costs.

As is known, surgical power tool systems must be sterilized at 135°C before each operation. Plastic parts exposed to this temperature can become more fragile over time.

Evaluation in terms of Surgical Power Tools Weight

The weight of the surgical power tool system is very important for surgeon comfort and wrist health. Plastic is a lighter material than aluminum. This is one of the most important reasons why it is used in the surgical power tools handpiece body.

In our blog post titled “Orthopedics Surgical Power Tools System – Buying Tips”, we discussed how to evaluate the weight of the handpiece.

Evaluation in terms of Ease of Production and Cost of Surgical Power Tools

Plastic injection molding provides ease of production and low cost in high volume production. Aluminum raw material takes longer to process and results in a higher cost product.

On aluminum exterior surfaces, a special heat-resistant coating is required to give color on the handpiece. But in plastic, the desired color can be easily applied. This gives freedom to the designer.

Plastic, which has a shorter lifespan, also raises environmental concerns. Plastics that are not suitable for recycling can contribute to environmental problems.

General Evaluation About Surgical Power Tools Handpiece Bodies

In conclusion, both raw materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Surgical power tools manufacturers make this production choice in line with their own strategies and policies.

We wanted users to be more informed about this issue, which is frequently encountered in hospital technical specifications. This choice should be made by considering issues such as product life, cost and product feedback.

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