What happened in the field of production and marketing in the Medical Device industry in 2023?

In this article; By examining what happened in the field of production and marketing in the medical device industry in 2023; We will explore what the production and marketing of medical devices such as surgical motors and saws might look like in 2024.

Although the physical restrictions of Covid were lifted all over the world at the beginning of 2023, its effect was seen as an economic restriction on the Medical Device budgets in Ministries of Health globally.

 In addition, we have witnessed a world adapting to new macroeconomic challenges. For 2024; We are transitioning through an economic environment negatively affected by high inflation, rising costs and rising interest rates.

The most important issue that contributes to the formation of negativities and should be kept in mind from 2023 is; The experience of famine due to supply chain deficiencies was experienced in many areas.

What should we, medical device manufacturers producing such as surgical motors and saws, pay attention to in 2024 and what should be done to solve existing trends and prevent new trends from occurring?

What can be done to strengthen the areas that will be affected by the supply chain?

  1. Raw material or component stock can be kept to meet the target sales,
  2. The necessary tests for the use of alternative raw materials and components and their declaration to the Notified Body can be completed in advance and alternative suppliers can be identified.

What can be done to speed up the certification process management?

  1. The awareness that all documentation of the Quality Management System is for the continuity and development of the company can be given through communication for the healthy company in which the top management is involved.
  2. Certification costs may have priority in 2024 resource planning,
  3. The certification process can be carried out within a plan in which at least one person from the top management is active.

How can the new competitors in the market be followed and the new products of current competitors be followed?

  1. Competitor analyzes can be obtained to monitor whether the weekly work plan and road map are followed or not.
  2. The targeted strategy can be planned by re-examining the price analysis of the competitors and the current economic situation of the country to be entered.

Defining the difficulties experienced in medical device production such as surgical motor and saw production in 2023 to shed light on the year 2024, discovering the solutions indicated by the difficulties and making plans to realize the discoveries; It can pave the way for the companies we work for.

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