How do you ensure that surgical power tool systems provide you with the best support?

Errors resulting from the cleaning process of surgical power tool systems not only pose risks to the patient. Users also have losses. In this article, we will briefly touch upon what these losses may be and how users can protect themselves.

Surgical power tool systems are devices used to shape bones in orthopedics and traumatology surgeries and, due to their design, the spaces between their moving parts can be filled with blood, tissue and small bone fragments.

Carrying out post-use cleaning procedures in accordance with the device’s user manual ensures that the device and its attachments operate in accordance with their design for many years. However, if the cleaning process is not carried out correctly due to insufficient time, space and equipment, it may cause especially the moving parts to lose their mobility over time, decrease their performance and jam the main device to which it is connected.

Surgical power tools and attachments that have not been subjected to the necessary cleaning process should be removed first;

  • There is a risk of non-sterility.
  • Even if it is sterile, there is still a risk of transferring foreign material from one patient to another
  • There is a risk of it not working after sterilization.
  • There is a risk of compression due to the pressure of other substances such as bone, blood and tissue that will be exposed during the surgery.
  • Attachments that work with different pressure than their design have the risk of not showing the performance that the physician expects and most importantly needs.
  • There is a risk that the attachment may not be installed correctly and may become dislodged.

Considering all these risks, continuing the surgery with another device may prolong the surgery time, while contamination that may occur in the patient may cause the surgery to fail and revision surgery to be performed in a very short time.

If we assume that insufficient time, space and facilities are the cause, failure to clean the surgical power tool correctly will only result in more time loss, equipment loss and space loss as a result of the surgery being prolonged due to the device not working properly.

If you want to fulfill the primary duty of a device designed to support the surgical team and get the support you need as a team; We recommend that you clean your surgical power tool systems as needed and wish you to realize that the care you take will be your gain.

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