How to choose surgical power tools reamer adapters?

There are reamer adapters in the surgical power tool system set used in orthopedic surgeries can perform the reaming process. These adapters allow the surgical motor to work with the reamer shafts (attachments) in the implant instrumental set. In other words, it is a tool that allows the reamer attachment to be inserted to the surgical power tools. So how to choose surgical power tools reamer adapters?

How should the connection point of the reamer attachment on the implant instrument set be examined?

First of all, the connection point of the acetabular reamer given in the example picture below is checked. All reamer instruments in the same set have the same connection point.

Some examples of reamer attachments are as follows;

  • Medula Tibia Reamer
  • Acetabular Reamer Shaft
  • Flexible Drill Holder
  • Medulary Awl Reamer
  • Flexible Reamer
  • Tappered Reamer
  • Cannulated Reamer
  • Femoral Stem Reamer

Instrument Connection Point Shapes (By Brands)

The brands here are not the brand of the instrument set, but the name of the connection point. In other words, the instrument set brand can be Zimmer® but the connection point of the reamer attachments in this set can be Synthes®. The decisive factor here is the shape of the connection point.


When purchasing surgical power tools, the manufacturer will ask you to select reamer adapters. The first thing to do here is to check the implant sets used by the hospital. The shape of the instrument connection points should be checked and it should be decided how many different reamer adapters to purchase. You can send photos of the connection points in the implant set to the surgical power tools manufacturer to be sure your choice is correct. With these photos the manufacturer can help you to choose reamer adapter.

Sometimes, when choosing surgical power tool reamer adapters, the decision cannot be made or the necessary information cannot be obtained, so all reamer adapters are purchased. Choosing an extra reamer adapter that is not suitable for the instrument sets in the hospital will be an unnecessary expense. At the same time, a wrong choice during the order will cause extra logistics-customs costs and time loss.


The personnel who prepare the sets and surgical power tool systems for surgery should be knowledgeable about this subject. It should be ensured that the instrument in the implant set to be operated and the adapters in the surgical power tool set match each other. The incompatibility noticed during the operation will cause a danger to the health of the patient as it will cause a waste of time to re-sterilize the other adapter. In other words, this adapter selection is an important choice in terms of the course of the operation.


You can find the matching of ACF reamer adapters and connection points in the link below.

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