How to develop a goal-oriented perspective in the job search process?

How to develop a goal-oriented perspective in the job search process?

If the path to the goal is not clear during the job search process, it may turn into a crisis period. In every crisis period, the question of ‘meaning’ comes to the surface.

The question of meaning especially focuses on the meaning of life. For people who are just starting out in life, when the anxiety of finding a job is so high, finding the meaning of life may seem like a distant goal.

However, if the meaning of life is to find reasons to live and if a long part of our lives is spent in working life, we can see our goal in the process of finding a job as the reason that gives meaning to our lives.

If we go through the job search processes for biomedical engineers, the shining profession of our sector; someone who decides which status and where he wants to work at the very beginning of the job search process and an entrepreneur who will start production in the medical sector deciding to produce surgical motors and surgical saws in the orthopedics sector are equivalent goals.

Once the goals are set, the implementation steps are written down one by one, just as the steps are written down one by one for a product to emerge, the same steps apply to career steps, they should be thought about and plans should be made for process management.

-What is my raw material? (What are my quantities?)

-What are my alloys? (What are my current qualities?)

-What additional alloys am I suitable for? (Which qualities will serve me on my way to success?)

-What processing methods am I suitable for? (Which working conditions will motivate me to work?)

-With which quality plans should I be sent to production? (With which step plans should I manage my process?)

-With which quality control parameters should I follow my process? (Am I progressing in accordance with my target step plan that shows whether I am progressing correctly in the job search process?)

-What is my target production time? (What is my target start time?)

-What processes will be used in case of non-compliance? (In case of unsuccessful applications, what do I need to improve? What are the motivation criteria I will use to continue the process?

And while determining all these processes, there is one more thing to keep in mind; even if the production company starts the production of the product it has decided on, it can reach the targeted quality after a certain period of time.

Always keep in mind that you should look at your job search process as the production processes of a newly decided product and that you cannot shorten your processes on your own initiative.

On the road to create a brand, it is essential to make plans, develop them, determine what is needed, determine the steps for development and control the process from intrinsic motivation in order to create a quality product, that is, to create the targeted career.

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.

-Victor Frankl

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