Device Registrations

We are proud of meeting all requirements of different countries

In order to offer to the citizens a good level of health system, countries wish to create their own regulatory systems by considering their patients’ safety. Goverments put in place policies that will address all elements related to medical devices, ranging from access to high quality, affordable products, through to their safe and appropriate use and disposal. Thus, medical devices which contain high risks for the patients when the appropriate conditions are not provided, are the key devices for the countries which manufacture or import them. It is clear that countries have different needs. Sometimes these needs should be responded via some different legislations.

States wish for companies that can trace their products in the field, have completed all risk analyzes of the device and have the highest quality and safety standards to sell products in their countries.

All countries who wish to implement improved medical device regulatory systems are encouraged by World Health Organization (WHO) who is reinforcing its role in providing technical supports.

With our exclusive distributors worldwide, our products have been registered in many countries.