Drilling Specs

If you insert Drill Coupler to modular handpiece, you’ll have a drilling feature.

Drill Coupler

drill coupler

Drill Coupler (AO Synthes® / Small )

Surgical Drill

Low Torque: 3.9 Nm

High Speed: 0-750 Rpm

Which attachments can I use with Drill Coupler?

• AO Schaft Screwdriver
• AO Schaft Drill
• AO Schaft Tap
• Drill with Round Schaft
• AO Schaft Trocar Awl
• AO Schaft Cannulated Screwdriver
• AO Schaft Adjustable Cannulated Drill
• Drill with Stopper
• Drills with AO Quick Coupling Schaft
• Tap with AO Quick Coupling Schaft
• Patella Drill
• Ancorge Drill
• Pin Drill
• Schanz Pin

Related Adapters and Suitable Attachments

A01 700
Adapter for Drill (Keyed)

drill coupler

For drill bits between 0 – 8 mm

drill bit

A01 702

Adapter for Drill / AO Synthes® / Small

drill coupler synthes

AO Synthes® Drill Bit

synthes drill bit

Intended Use

– A01 700 Adapter for Drill (Keyed) is used to screw the plates and nails in trauma surgeries.


– It has sufficient speed for trauma surgeries.


– A04 101 – Key for Chuck is used to tighten drill bits.


– Wires can also be driven manually with the help of Key for Chuck.


– It should be in the set for trauma surgeries.